The Playbook

This playbook utilizes a relentless cycle of continuous improvement. I utilized the continuous process of improvement when attempting to build systems in public education. I started to see more positive results when I used the playbook parallel in my personal life.

Hit the bullseye with continuous goal setting

We were successful many times. Something felt like it was missing. We would work our fingers to the bone. Sometimes I would fall short. Our organization would shift initiatives. We would start a new system. I imagine you can relate to this when you apply it to organizations you have worked for. Finally, it hit me. We did not have an overarching strategy (playbook) to drive the work we do. When you begin to apply this playbook, you will see the relentless continuous cycle of improvement at work in your personal or professional life. If you have a playbook, GREAT! We can work and learn together to enhance the work you do.

Why not apply it to both!

Getting Started

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