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The other day, our youngest came up to me and said, “Hey, Jeffrey, check this out.” He pulled up this video on his phone and hit play. He showed me a video he edited. There were things flying around, all this animation, and eye catching graphics. There’s a lot of the cool things you see on the YouTube videos. I just looked at him and said, “How did you do that?” He very matter of factly told me he used this app called CapCUt. We downloaded the app and we were off.

We uploaded a video and he started moving around so fast, slicing and dicing, adding transitions, it was very impressive. I had to stop him because he was working so fast. I could not keep up. This was really cool stuff. So we took about an hour and he just showed me how to use the app. I was amazed by his lack of fear. He had none. It reminded me of when I’m really in the groove and I’m coachable. There’s no fear, I’m trusting the process. I am trusting the person in front of me. It was a special moment to sit there with our youngest and to be coached. To be coachable. I had to trust that he has a pretty good handle on this process. If I just go along with him, he’s going to be able to show me how to do things better than I’m already doing. 

Where are you in your process that you might think you’re the expert and that you’ve got the wall up. For me it is goal setting and systems. I can be quick to put the walls up and dismiss a new process. I will even think to myself that is not the way to do things. But really, I’m missing out on setting aside everything that I think I know for a new experience with that person or that group of people. I am missing out on being part of growth. Not only can they get better, but I can get better. Everyone involved can improve. Don’t miss out on those opportunities. What would have happened if when Isaac started helping me I said, “Hey man. No, I’m good. I know how to edit videos.” I would have missed out on the great opportunity to connect with him, but secondly to get better in something that I love to do. I’m really passionate about goal setting, creating videos, and sharing resources for everyone. If I can create a product that’s better for anyone who views it, it’s a win-win. 

So again be coachable. And if you’re looking to find A coach go ahead scroll on down to the contact me page. Sign up we can do a 30-minute free consultation. Tell me about your key components and we will set some goals. I’ll follow up with you in 45 days. I would love to hear about the great work that you’re doing.

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