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I have entered another exciting chapter of my life. After four years as a superintendent, I decided to step into the world of consulting and coaching. It has been an exhilarating three and half months so far. There have been many lessons as I have broken through barriers and fear of leaving the security of public education.

It is quite a humbling experience to begin running your own business. There are many new lessons to be learned. My almost twenty years in public education was a much different experience. The number one thing I was reminded of was to just keep moving. I have learned this in the past, but this is so important now! 

One example is Facebook Ads and Google AdSense. The complexity of these systems can send your head spinning. I realized that I needed to pause because it was overwhelming, filled with all-new vocabulary, and I did not have a specific skill set. I was a superintendent, I never had to run ads, write copy, select audience demographics, create a budget, and the list kept growing. So, I took a step back. I almost looked to outsource the service but knew there was a great benefit of going through the process. I knew I could lean into my lifelong adventure of learning new things and decided to Keep Moving.

I contacted my friend who specialized in Digitial Marketing. He took me through boot camp for two days. He absolutely crushed me! I felt like a small fish in the ocean. That is where the humility comes in. I pinch myself that I have a Dr. before my name because I never really enjoyed school, but it was a lot of work. Several people have had a hard time completing a quality dissertation. I remembered the process of completing my dissertation. The entire process was foreign to me. So, I kept moving with the confidence of completing my dissertation and the wonderful learning experiences that came from that.

I have completed my first ad. In the next few days, I will analyze data from the ad cycle, create new ad copy, direct and edit a new ad, and publish a new ad soon. I realized that because I just kept moving, I had several experiences as a public school administrator that are parallel to this process. I created messages and marketed those messages consistently. I did it with no marketing staff or budget! If I had stopped, I would have missed out on this beautiful opportunity to learn a new skill and realize that I had the skills to quickly close the learning gap in the process. 

Above is The GoCycle Goal Setting System commercial that was running this week. Thank you again to Kelly for all your support and your willingness to participate in the process. If you would like to see if you qualify to be a client, schedule an appointment today. You can schedule an appointment by contacting Kathy, my assistant, at or visiting

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