Loosen Your Grip

While riding my bike the other day, I realized that I was gripping the handlebar tight. There was no reason to be gripping so tight, and I just was. I was just in deep thought, pumping as hard as possible, and realized that my fingers were hurting. I eased up on my grip, cleared my head, and was back. I was back in the moment. I was taking it easy. I went from squeezing to simply using one finger to guide the bike. So simple!

After the ride, I started to catch myself using the gripping handlebar trait. It was hard to click the mouse, and I slammed the drawer after putting away the silverware. Not because it was necessary or made the task easier, I was not in the moment. I was rushing to the next task. The faster I go, the harder I push myself, the more I can get done. How many times do I have to slip back into this rushing mindset before it clicks…THAT DOESN’T WORK.

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I have a morning meditation practice, but I have learned that meditation is a practice outside of my routines. I enjoy meditation because it can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness. It is not realistic to meditate all day, so I need to practice the simple meditation principles outside of my sessions. A quick check on my breathing can usually put me back where I need to be.

As the week went on, I would catch myself. I would not beat myself up. I would simply be purseful with my breathing, gently let go of the backslide, and get back to the same practice of guiding the bike with one finger. Try to catch yourself during the day. Are you going into a sprint? For me, that is not sustainable, and I end up crashing and burning hard. So, for today, I am going to practice taking it easy.

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