Have you watched Ted Lasso, yet? I would say it’s a must-see for anyone and everyone who believes in the power of positive coaching, mindset, and manifestation. Not a believer? That’s ok. The show really spotlights the power of turning ANYONE into a believer. 

Before I continue, you might have some understandable questions… 

  • Are you receiving a commission to promote this show?
  • Do you have a mustache?
  • Are you Jason Sudeikis?

The answer is the same for all three – No 🙂

I am an organizational, leadership, and success coach for high school and college students, looking to push themselves to become the best versions of themselves. Having coached thousands of students through high school, college, and into their careers, I have a problem-solving, and persistently positive mindset. I have been through the lowest of lows and overcome the highest obstacles. I believe in young people, and I have an ability to identify and foster their strengths. I have benefitted firsthand the power of goal setting and coaching. 

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Over the last decade, I have dedicated my life’s work to helping students see themselves clearly, to help reflect for them the strengths they show, to listen actively, and to ask deep questions. I am proud of seeing their growth, from shy and insecure, to powerful and curious. Watching young people reach their goals they have spoken into existence and to see  them spark that sense of self-confidence, makes this work worthwhile. It’s certainly mine, and I relish the opportunity to turn any situation from a negative into a positive. I will end this post with one of my favorite inspirational visuals:

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