Lessons Learned

I loved all the different stages of my educational career. From the cornfields of Crescent City to the south side of Chicago, I worked with fantastic teachers, staff, and students. The parents, school board members, and local leaders were very passionate about supporting local schools.

They were times when I was not sure if my passion was in the job anymore. After the past school year, I decided to step into a scary space. I was starting my own business! After a time, I would have a revitalized spirit and fight the good fight with my clients.

I have learned how many of my skills were transferable from the public sector in the past six months. I will forever be grateful for the experiences I gained in my almost twenty years in public school. From a teacher to a superintendent, one thing is consistent. People and relationships! I am very fortunate that I still work with clients in the public sector. I am still plugged into the work of supporting students. I am amazed by the work being done by teachers and administrators today. I am not sure I would still be as passionate about public education today. To be able to step back and recharge has revitalized my passion! I see the positive in situations every day.

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Another thing I have learned is how parallel the public and private sectors are. I am also fortunate enough to work with clients in the private sector. The same pain points exist, just different labels. As I mentioned earlier, it all comes down to people and relationships. Systems and goals are great, but individuals need to be dynamic and have strong relationships with stakeholders to improve their organization.

I am not sure where this path will take me. I am sure that I love what I do. I am not saying I will not return to a school or district. I am speaking for today. I am grateful for all my experiences and the experiences I continue to have every day helping people improve. As my daughter, Teagan, says, “More goals, more logos!” It is an inside joke that is written on my bulletin board. I look up, see that, smile, and get back to building systems that help improve people’s lives! No regrets here!

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