It takes courage to ask.

Set goals, not resolutions. Every new year can be an opportunity to take stock, to take inventory… What is working and what’s not? When I think about my own goals, I think about what it is I need, and how I ask for what I need. It takes courage to ask for help, and when I do, I try to be thoughtful and specific about my ask. People that want to help, want to know HOW to be helpful. So, be more specific with your ask…

“I would like to learn more about product design. I saw that you’re connected with (Name) on LinkedIn. Would you make an introduction for me?”

As a leadership, organizational, and success coach for high school and college students, I practice what I preach. I share my challenges as well as my successes, and I have seen my professional and personal life flourish from the simple acts of being specific about the help that I need. As both an introduction and a visual of who I am and how I coach, check out my short 60 second video below on how I coached a Boston College alumni that reached out to me.

And, as always, If you would like to see if you qualify to be a client, schedule an appointment today. You can schedule an appointment by contacting Kathy, my assistant, at or visiting

For a preview of my 6-week course on college counseling for students and parents, check out this 14 minute video here:

Week 1 Google Form

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