Don’t leave things to chance

This tweet by Shane inspired and validated what I know firsthand to be true. Interchange “routine” with “system,” showing the power of consistency, accountability, and habits. When I think about when I am at my best, most productive, most in-flow, I am following the GoCycle system and framework, and my actions match my words.

It’s so easy to say what we’re going to do, but who holds us accountable for following through? Brain science will confirm that we are more likely to accomplish our goals when speaking them out loud and to others. The same goes when we say we’re going to the gym… if we’re going with a friend versus going on our own, we are more likely to actually follow through.

Getting Started

We work with a low volume, high intensity client base.

Successful people create their own luck. They practice, they honor the process, and they persist through consistency. I have read countless leadership, self-improvement, and professional growth material, sharing the habits of the most accomplished people on earth. They rely on others, coaches, and mentors to become their best selves.

I am grateful for all the guidance I have received in my own career, I pay them back by paying it forward – by helping young people launch into their careers, by pushing students out of their comfort zone, and by silencing that nagging voice of imposter syndrome. When I hear the sounds of self-doubt in my head, I remember the powerful words of my teachers, mentors, and coaches, who have invested so much in who I have become.

“People who do the most don’t leave things up to chance…” I no longer see successful people and say, “they’re lucky.” I see them now and convey “respect.” They have a system, and they follow it; they have put in the work and earned it.

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