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Living with abundance isn’t just a mindset, it’s an approach. Inspired by others who push themselves, take risks, and accomplish seemingly everything, I have learned that this shift in thinking can yield so, so much.

Before I continue, I want to acknowledge how hard this concept can be for so many. The son of a war prisoner and refugee ridden with PTSD, I am very aware of how challenging it is not to let our past color the way we see the present and our current circumstances. I have done so much work on myself – therapy, healing, journaling, and

I continue this process and use these tools during my times of stress and hurt.
I have also seen firsthand and learned the brain science behind how the chemicals in our brain connect differently when we live in fear versus fortune. And to be very clear, we can choose to see the fruit around us – to be alive, to have been born, to have our bodies intact… the list can go on and on; on the flip side, we can also choose to focus on just the weeds around us – what we do not have, and all that we believe we lack… and in both cases, we are right.

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We can choose to make decisions that lift us, feed our souls, or ones that deflate and drain us. I fundamentally believe in the power of positivity, of abundance. I have seen it rewire my father’s paranoia and help recluse students open up. In these spaces, I lead with what I know to be the light that lifts me, with the hope it will inspire others to do the same.

Here are some ways that I have rewired my brain to live in abundance:

  • Wake up early and set a goal for first thing in the morning. It can be as minimal as laying out your clothes. When you set a goal and accomplish it to start the day, it sets the tone and confidence for facing what lies ahead.
  • Follow through on promises you have made to yourself. What are you saying about what you think you deserve if you let yourself down?
  • Ask for help and accountability. When you speak out loud and include others in your path, you lead with trust and inclusion, values that will lift you closer toward what you want.

Lead with abundance. The best of you is ahead.

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