Achieve Your New Goals With A 45-Day Cycle!!! New Year…New Mindset!!! Double Your Productivity In ONE Cycle! 

Use the positive energy from everyone’s New Years Resolutions to drive your 45-day goal-setting cycle system…

The GoCycle Goal Setting System is a straightforward, concise system that saves you endless time…frustration, and puts YOU in a position to succeed…

We are talking about speed in execution…

Getting Started

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We work with a low volume, high intensity client base.

Not only talking about saving you time, but saving you endless headaches, and getting caught up in microtasks, or chasing shiny objects.

You will remember to feel the pain when working on tasks outside of your established key components and goals for the next 45 days…

What microtasks are getting in the way of you achieving your vision???

This will support top performance from you…

We know what that means to your bottom line.

Leveled Support

If you are at the top of the mountain or trying to keep your head above water, an experienced C-Suite coach can help your goals become a reality…

Invest in your leadership. Remove the pain points, and achieve your vision.

Your time is worth it, that is where we come in…

The GoCycle Goal Setting System improves your life, your income, your relationships.

“The GoCyle system supports me in focusing my work and hitting my targets every 45 days. Jeffrey engages in active listening and supporting the growth of my leadership. His experience also supports the growth of my organization”

Josh Chrestman – Private Business Owner – JC Health & Fitness/Tree Farm/Fit Wave/Farm to Fit – Illinois

Get back to being systematic and focusing on the work that gets you closer to achieving your vision…

The GoCycle Goal Setting System is rooted in practice and experience.

It is a proven research-based system to support you achieve your goals…

We work with a low-volume high-intensity client base!

If you have a growth mindset and want to implement a continuous cycle of improvement.

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You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!!!

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Quick Overview

I successfully have created teams of people to operate schools and districts to best support stakeholders.

I have created and implemented a game plan rooted (GoCycle Goal Setting System) in a continuous cycle of improvement in urban, suburban, and rural districts.

I use this My wide range of successful urban, suburban, and rural experiences would be an asset to supporting you and your organization.

Getting Started

Contact us to see if you qualify!

We work with a low volume, high intensity client base.

1 Cycle – 45 Days

  • Initial meeting and goal setting – Establish key components and indicators
  • Weekly spot check meeting – 5 meetings
  • 45 day end of cycle celebrations and goal setting
  • Problem solving and feedback phone calls

Available Service Packages For

  • 2 Cycles – 90 Days
  • 4 Cycles – 180 Days
  • 8 Cycles – Full Year

“Over the years, I have enjoyed speaking about systems and goal setting with Dr. Alstadt. Jeffrey has helped me focus my work on my Key Components during my first year as a principal. He loves setting goals and talking about systems! He brings fun to work that can feel compliance-based and overwhelming at times.” 

Jennifer Sanders – Principal – North Chicago – Illinois