“Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.”

As we sat around at halftime of the game, our coach said this with a calm and direct voice. I had been beating myself up over missed plays, mistakes, and mishaps in the first half, rather than looking ahead or staying in the present moment. “Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.” ItContinue reading ““Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.””

The art of coaching, the power of courage.

During challenges, I draw on my sense of courage. This courage comes from my immigrant roots, the resilience of my refugee parents, and the strength of my survivor story. I have built a great amount of confidence and success through this belief in myself – not blind, reckless action; it is the belief that IContinue reading “The art of coaching, the power of courage.”

Don’t leave things to chance

This tweet by Shane inspired and validated what I know firsthand to be true. Interchange “routine” with “system,” showing the power of consistency, accountability, and habits. When I think about when I am at my best, most productive, most in-flow, I am following the GoCycle system and framework, and my actions match my words. It’sContinue reading “Don’t leave things to chance”

It takes courage to ask.

Set goals, not resolutions. Every new year can be an opportunity to take stock, to take inventory… What is working and what’s not? When I think about my own goals, I think about what it is I need, and how I ask for what I need. It takes courage to ask for help, and whenContinue reading “It takes courage to ask.”