Be attached to process, not outcomes.

Back in January, to start the year, I wrote about setting goals not resolutions. As we approach halfway through this one (already?!) it’s a great time to reflect on how far we have come and reassess what is still ahead.  A veteran teach I worked with earlier shared with me this analogy I’m going toContinue reading “Be attached to process, not outcomes.”

Reflecting and Celebrating

When creating our online course, one of the mini-lessons is on reflecting and celebrating. When I first started down my goal-setting journey, I set monthly goals. Looking back, it was crazy. I was setting goals like a mad man. The problem was I eventually burnt out. I do not like to think I ever failed.Continue reading “Reflecting and Celebrating”

The art of coaching, the power of courage.

During challenges, I draw on my sense of courage. This courage comes from my immigrant roots, the resilience of my refugee parents, and the strength of my survivor story. I have built a great amount of confidence and success through this belief in myself – not blind, reckless action; it is the belief that IContinue reading “The art of coaching, the power of courage.”

Don’t leave things to chance

This tweet by Shane inspired and validated what I know firsthand to be true. Interchange “routine” with “system,” showing the power of consistency, accountability, and habits. When I think about when I am at my best, most productive, most in-flow, I am following the GoCycle system and framework, and my actions match my words. It’sContinue reading “Don’t leave things to chance”

Lessons Learned

I loved all the different stages of my educational career. From the cornfields of Crescent City to the south side of Chicago, I worked with fantastic teachers, staff, and students. The parents, school board members, and local leaders were very passionate about supporting local schools. They were times when I was not sure if myContinue reading “Lessons Learned”

Service Leadership or Self Sacrifice

I have seen leaders pushing themselves to the limits the past two years. It is easy for people to look at leadership and say they should be (fill in the blank). I begin to feel the pressure to do what others are saying. At times I hold my job too close to my heart. IContinue reading “Service Leadership or Self Sacrifice”